Chinese Drywall Lawsuits

Chinese Drywall -- Attention Homeowners

Class-action lawsuits allege defective drywall has caused problems in at least three states -- Florida, Louisiana and Alabama. Many homes built between 2004 and 2006 contain drywall imported from China. The drywall releases harmful sulfur compounds into the home that have been linked to corrosion of air conditioning units, electrical wiring and jewelry. Residents may notice a foul odor, like rotten eggs and have reported breathing problems, nose bleeds, coughing and irritation of sinuses, eyes and throat.

Indicators of defective drywall:

  1. Home may have a slight or strong, sulfur, rotten egg or even acid type smell.
  2. Stove top, Air conditioning coils, oven elements, and refrigerators may be failing at an unusually high rate—often within a year or less.
  3. Silver jewelry  or flatware may be tarnishing within months or even weeks. Mirrors might turn black.
  4. Homeowner or family member may have experienced symptoms of severe allergies, nose bleeds, or upper respiratory problems since moving into the home.

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