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We have been handling accident claims since 1955, and have earned a reputation as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the nation, winning more than $3 billion dollars in jury verdicts and settlements.

Our law office is located in downtown Pensacola, and our thirty-five attorneys live in the Pensacola community. We have handled more accident lawsuits in Northwest Florida for injured persons than any other law firm.


How Long Do I Have to Bring an Accident Claim?

How Long to Bring a Case

There is no easy answer to this question because it depends on many factors, such as where the accident occurred, the type of injury, and who caused the accident.

If an accident occurs in Florida, the injured person has four years to file a lawsuit for injuries, but only two years if the accident causes death.

If the accident is caused by a governmental entity, there are papers that need to be filed at least six months before the lawsuit is filed. These papers must be submitted within three years of the accident in an injury case, and two years in a death case or in a case involving the federal government or its employees.

The most important thing is that you immediately seek free legal advice when you become aware of a potential injury after an accident, even if you decide not to hire a lawyer. It costs you nothing, but provides you much protection.

Why Choose Us

Our law firm was founded in Pensacola more than 60 years ago, and is considered a national leader in accident and insurance litigation.

We have received well over 150 jury verdicts throughout the country in the amount of $1 million or more, and achieved verdicts and settlements in excess of $3 billion. For more information, please visit our Home Page section.


What Does It Cost to Hire Us

We provide absolutely free confidential consultations, and if we are fortunate enough for you to hire us, we never will charge you any fees or costs unless you first recover.

The contingency fee we charge ranges from 20% to 40% depending upon how much we recover for you.

Our fee should be identical to or less than what other lawyers are charging, especially in Florida, as the amount is controlled by The Florida Bar. This is true whether your lawyers have never handled an accident case or whether it has been the focus of their practice for more than 60 years, as with our law firm. For a detailed discussion on our fees and costs, click Fees & Costs.


Contact Information

To contact us for a free confidential consult, you can call us at (850) 435-7000 or (800) 277-1193. You also can request a confidential consultation by clicking Free & Confidential Consult, which form will be immediately reviewed by one of our attorneys.

Accepting My Case

Will Levin Papantonio Accept My Case

Our law firm reviews and accepts accident cases of every size, whether in the Pensacola area or nationwide. No case is too big or too small.

The one thing we can assure you is that we will take your call, provide you an absolutely free consult, discuss with you the facts and issues of your case, and tell you whether we can help you. If not, we will try our best to get you to someone who can.

We accept accident cases of every size and type - no case is too big or too small.

Comparing Law Firms

When hiring a law firm, it's important to take your time and perform research. Review each law firm's website for its experience, success and fees. Meet with the firms. Ask a lot of questions, and determine who you feel most comfortable trusting. Remember, any law firm can advertise it can successfully handle a personal injury case. Make sure that really is the case.


What Will I have to Prove to Succeed in My Accident Claim

Accident Lawsuit

In order to succeed in your accident claim, you will have to prove three things: (1) the other side acted in a negligent, reckless or intentional manner; (2) the other side caused your injury; and (3) the amount of your damages.

In regard to the first thing you must prove, negligence is the failure of a person to use reasonable care, which is the care that a reasonably careful person would use under the same circumstances. The second thing you much prove (causation) occurs when the negligent act produces the injury. The third thing you must prove is your damages.

Your damages include physical pain and suffering; mental pain and suffering; medical expenses; and wage loss. In a wrongful death claim, your damages include medical and funeral expenses; mental pain and suffering; loss of support; and loss of future estate.


Automobile Insurance Coverage

Auto Insurance

For a detailed discussion of Florida automobile insurance, click Florida Auto Insurance.


What To Do After an Auto Accident

Auto Insurance

For a detailed discussion on what to do after an automobile accident, click Auto Accident To Do List.