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The Ethics and Roles of Hotels and Motels That Facilitate Sex Trafficking

A February 2022 study digs deep into the hospitality industry, uncovering disturbing trends and practices that mark how sex trafficking is happening right under our noses—all in the name of profit.

Discussions about sex trafficking typically conjure images of smarmy criminals running their rackets in seedy surroundings. In reality, modern traffickers count on corporate enablers—sometimes even business allies—to keep their operations running and profitable.

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FPL Citizens’ Letters

The letters from incensed, confused, and frustrated Florida residents continue to stream into the Levin Papantonio Rafferty office. We are posting them here as a living log of the voices of the people.

Please feel free to add your voice.

You should be heard.

From: Bob H.

Date: February 10, 2022, at 6:37:36 AM CST

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EPA Is Sued Over “Secrecy Loopholes” in PFAS Reporting Requirements

Last week, advocacy groups (Union of Concerned Scientists, Sierra Club, and National PFAS Contamination Coalition) slapped the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a lawsuit alleging that the agency crafted exemptions that help manufacturers dodge the EPA’s toxics release inventory (TRI) reporting requirements.

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Plaintiffs in Baby Formula NEC Lawsuits Want to Consolidate Cases

Attorneys representing plaintiffs in more than 30 lawsuits against the makers of Enfamil and Similac filed a motion with the Illinois Supreme Court to consolidate the lawsuits in Madison County, Illinois, according to Reuters. Eighty-five infants are represented in the claims. Defendants—which include Abbott Laboratories, Mead Johnson & Co LLC, and Mead Johnson Nutrition Co.—are all based in Illinois.

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