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Johnson & Johnson’s “Bad Faith” Bankruptcy Attempts to Circumvent Jury Trial in Talc Cases

Lawyers connected to the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) talcum-based baby powder lawsuits are calling the company’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a “masquerade,” according to Law360. Attorneys are criticizing J&J for its transparent attempt to shield itself from liability claims. The move has several potential consequences for plaintiffs in these lawsuits, including a delay in litigation.

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Johnson & Johnson Talc Lawsuits Move to New Jersey

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Craig Whitley in Charlotte, North Carolina ordered that tens of thousands of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson be moved to New Jersey, according to a November 10, 2021 report from Reuters. Judge Whitley explained that his decision hinged on two factors: the fact that Johnson & Johnson is headquartered in New Jersey and the fact that a substantial amount of the country’s talc litigation is happening there.

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Philips' CPAP Repair Plan Could Take A Year to Wrap Up

Philips’ quarterly report offers encouraging words that the company’s CPAP repair and replacement program is “underway.” Some users will have to wait up to a year to benefit from the plan, the report continues.

The company further informs that it has produced around 750,000 replacement devices and repair kits. More than 250,000 are actually in consumers’ hands.

The delay in receiving new devices has been a point of frustration for users.

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How the J & J Bankruptcy Could Affect Talc Cancer Lawsuits

Plaintiffs in talc cancer lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson have had a white-knuckle time of it after hearing the company’s plans to file bankruptcy. If you are among the worriers, you should know that your legal action remains alive and well. However, J&J’s maneuverings could change some aspects of how your case is handled.

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