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Does Drilling in Cuban Waters Threaten the U.S.?

The Spanish Company Repsol has begun drilling a deep-water exploratory oil well approximately 31 miles north of Havana, Cuba and 70 miles south of the Florida Keys. The drill site is just south and west of Dry Tortugas the westernmost island in the Florida Keys.

Repsol has leased the Scarabeo 9, a state-of-the-art drilling rig built in China and Singapore, owned by an Italian company and flagged (registered) in the Bahamas.

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2011 Yaz Yasmin Ocella Investigative Report: A Hazardous Pill

A recent television documentary produced by Temps Presents, an award winning Swiss investigative news program, demonstrates the dangers of Yasmin, Yaz and Ocella. The program profiles several young women whose lives have been forever changed by the harmful side effects of the dangerous oral contraceptives.

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More Evidence That You Might Not Need Their Meds

This news probably have the makers of Actos, Avandia and other diabetic drugs pitching a fit.


After all, nothing is as threatening to their bloated profit margins as the idea that simply going on a calorie-restricted diet can reverse Type 2 diabetes.


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New England Journal Study Reveals Very Small Number of Osteopenic Women Develop Osteoporosis

A New England Journal of Medicine study recently published indicates that less than 10% of women with normal, mild, or moderate T-scores will develop osteoporosis over a fifteen year period. This study calls into question the currently Medicare DEXA-scan screening protocol of every two years for postmenopausal women. Further, because most osteopenic women never would develop osteoporosis, the study refutes marketing positions adopted by Merck & Co. relating to its prescription drug Fosamax which Merck touted would help osteopenic women prevent osteoporosis.

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Can Robotic Surgery Help Hip Implant Patients?

One factor in hip or other joint replacement surgery that can make a serious difference when it comes to patient outcomes is the experience and expertise of the surgeon.  More specifically, correct positioning and alignment of the implant components can mean the difference between long-term success in restoring the patient's mobility - or a return visit within a few years for revision surgery.

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Jobs Are Not All We Are Exporting

A recent report now indicates that the market for diabetic drugs is poised to grow by almost 120% over the next four years – something that has Big Pharma doing the Happy Dance.  Not surprisingly, the U.S., whose completely evil and inhuman profit-driven health care system – controlled by equally inhuman monsters who would gleefully devour their own children if it would raise their corporatations' stock price by even two percent even as they murder 45,000 Americans every year – has been the major source of these profits. (Compare this number to the 3,000 who died on 11 September 2001. What was that about “death panels” again?)

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Maybe You Don't Need Drugs

Bryan Helm. who works for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry in Ocean City New Jersey, has his Type-2 diabetes under tight control - the best outcome possible for such patients.  First diagnosed over a year ago, Helm began attending classes at a local diabetes center. Here, he was taught what was referred to as the "four aspects of control":

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Actos: Why the Difference?

The risk factors for Type 2 diabetes are well known, but worth reviewing: primarily, these factors are obesity in combination with a sedentary lifestyle, and genetics.


The last issue – genetics – play a larger role among some ethnic groups than others. In fact, people who have Native American ancestry are over twice as like likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those of European descent, simply because they are Native American. According to a Cherokee Nation newspaper, a whopping 30% of people of American Indian or Inuit extraction are pre-diabetic.



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DePuy Hip Implants The Sordid Details

Believe it or not, trace amounts of cobalt is necessary for one's health. This element is a key component in Vitamin B-12. So – why is it that when microscopic bits of cobalt metal from faulty implants get embedded in living tissue, the results include metallosis, synovitis and other health problems?


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Actos: Is Two Better Than One?

At the end of September, I reported on a "new" drug from Actos maker Takeda pharmaceutical, which is currently marketed outside the U.S. as Nesina. It is not actually new; it is a combination of Actos and another anti-diabetic drug, alogliptin. which was submitted to the FDA for approval in late 2007, but withdrawn the following year after the FDA determined that additional data was needed.


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The Sciatic Nerve and Your Hip Implant

Hip implant surgery is supposed to relieve pain. In too many cases however, it has the opposite effect – and not simply because they wear out.

The health complications associated with metal-on-metal hip implants is well known and thoroughly documented. What is less well known is the risk of damage to the sciatic nerve, which can leave a patient in excruciating and often untreatable pain.

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