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Department of Justice Announces It Will Side With Plaintiffs in Opioid Lawsuit – But Will It, Really?

Earlier this week, the current U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Sessions announced that the Department of Justice intends to file a “statement of interest” in filing its own lawsuit against opioid manufacturers. In a media statement, Sessions alleged that opioid manufacturers and distributors had used “false, deceptive, and unfair marketing” in order to market their products.

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The Varubi Lawsuit - Anaphylaxis Injuries

VARUBI® (rolapitant) was originally developed by Schering-Plough, which was taken over by Merck & Co. in November 2009. Currently, it has been licensed by Tesaro Inc., a relatively new biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development and marketing of cancer medications. It is primarily indicated for chemotherapy patients experiencing nausea and vomiting as a result of their treatment.

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Prescription Drugs & Medical Devices Lead the Major Lawsuits This Year

Of the five largest mass lawsuits either underway or scheduled for trial in 2018, three are about prescription drugs, with a fourth one listing a defective medical device as the cause of action. These cases involve not only negligence, failure to warn; and product defects; but in at least one of the cases the defendant is alleged to have engaged in criminal acts.

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Allergan: Another Habitual Corporate Offender – This Time its Viberzi

Drugmaker Allergan, which has most recently come under fire over the opioid-based medication Viberzi, has been targeted in numerous lawsuits over the years for many reasons. In the wake of 120 FDA reports of serious pancreatic injury and death attributed to Viberzi, Allergan is currently under investigation by law firms across the country on behalf of patients without gall bladders who have been injured by the medication.

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Physicians Have Been Deprescribing Invokana Since Study Shows Increased Amputation Risk

The Invokana CANVAS study, mandated by the FDA as part of post-marketing requirements and sponsored by manufacturer Janssen Pharmaceuticals, has had mixed results. On one hand, patients who were treated with Invokana (canagliflozin) experienced significantly lower rates of stroke and heart attacks. On the other hand, the risk of lower limb amputations was double those of patients who took a placebo.

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