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How to Recover Your Losses in FS Energy & Power Fund

The FS Energy & Power Fund was a speculative and high risk investment which was structured as a Business Development Company. Typically Business Development Companies (BDCs) are not registered with the SEC, and they are not publicly traded or listed on public exchanges.

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GPB Capital Investors – Recover Your Losses

GPB Capital has been accused of running a Ponzi-like scheme that defrauded thousands of investors across the country. As many as 17,000 investors have been affected according to the SEC. The alleged fraud could have caused well over $500 million in losses. Many individual investors, including retirees, may have suffered significant losses as a result.

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Florida Woman Sues Belviq Maker for Breast Cancer

Florida resident Mary Milana first started using the chronic weight-management drug Belviq in 2013 and continued its use through early 2020. In April 2021, she and her husband, Victor Milana, filed a complaint against Eisai, Inc. and Arena Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Belviq, after Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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ATEL Lawsuits – Investors May Be Entitled to Recover Losses

Investors in ATEL 15, ATEL 16, and ATEL 17 may have suffered losses of 50% or more of their investment principal based on secondary market trading data. ATEL 15, ATEL 16, and ATEL 17 were risky equipment leasing funds offered and sold to many investors. While some brokers or financial advisors may have sold these Atel products as a low risk, stable, or conservative investment options, the reality is that ATEL 15, 16, and 17 were all emerging growth companies and investments in these Atel funds involved a risk of substantial loss.

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Potential Customer Claims Against Dain Farrell Stokes, Former LPL Broker and Investment Advisor

Dain Farrell Stokes is a previously registered broker and investment advisor who worked for four different firms before being barred by both FINRA and the SEC. According to FINRA’S BrokerCheck, Stokes is named in three regulatory finals and one employment separation after allegations. Client allegations against Stokes include suitability issues, recommending unsuitable variable annuities, and defrauding customers.

Mr. Stokes was associated with the following firms:

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Barred former Merrill Lynch Broker Marcus Boggs Accused of Theft and Misappropriation

Marcus E. Boggs is a previously registered broker and investment advisor who worked for Merrill Lynch for 12 years before being discharged after allegations in 2018. Mr. Boggs has 13 different disputes on his BrokerCheck profile.

In November 2018, a client alleged that there were unauthorized transfers made to an American Express account from the customer’s investment account. This settled for $1,005,169.59 in damages. Boggs was separated from Merrill Lynch after this dispute.

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Clifford Paul Huffman and Peter Huffman Investor Claims and Lawsuits

Clifford Paul Huffman and Peter Huffman are FINRA registered brokers with over 50 years of experience between them. Both Clifford and Peter are currently registered with Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated.

Peter Huffman has 12 years of experience, all with Merrill Lynch, meanwhile Clifford has 47 years of experience working at different branches of Merrill Lynch. Clifford also is a registered investment advisor with the company.

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Broker Jeremy Seth Rosen Accused of Unsuitable Investments for Customers While at Berthel, Fisher & Company Financial Services

Former customers of Jeremy Seth Rosen have accused the previously registered broker and investment adviser of making unsuitable investments, according to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) BrokerCheck.  Rosen’s record contains disclosures of three pending and seven final customer disputes related to his time as a broker with Berthel, Fisher & Company (BFC) Planning, Inc.

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