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The Cook Celect IVC Filter: a Tale of Two Studies

It was the best of filters – so the manufacturer claimed. It turned out to be the worst of filters. An early study involving the Cook Celect Vena Cava Filter indicated the device was incredible. Another study, published three years later, demonstrated otherwise.

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Texas Sheriff's Deputy Charged With Raping the 4-Year-Old Daughter of an Undocumented

José Nuñez (age 47) was arrested for the “super aggravated sexual assault” of a 4-year-old girl whose mother is an undocumented immigrant. Nuñez threatened to report the woman to immigration authorities if she filed a complaint about the incident. The arrest took place only after the woman finally sought medical help for her daughter. According to Sheriff Javier Salazar, the sexual abuse may have been going on for years – and Nuñez’ young victim may not be the only one.

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Mormon Church to Sever Ties With Boy Scouts of America Next Year

In the wake of numerous scandals involving the sexual abuse of young boys, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has announced that it will be ending its 105-year-old association with the Boy Scouts of America, effective December 31, 2019. In the announcement, issued in a joint press release with the BSA last month, the church stated that it has “increasingly felt the need to create and implement a uniform youth leadership and development program that serves its members globally.”

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Major Universities Across the Nation Paid Out Millions to Settle Sexual Misconduct Claims

A recent review by the Wall Street Journal reveals that 22 major institutions of higher learning and university systems across the nation paid over $10.5 million in settlements to plaintiffs alleging sexual assault or harassment over a two year period. In most cases, it was not about the acts alone, but rather administrators’ failure to take appropriate action once perpetrators were identified and their misconduct proven.

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Hernia Mesh Defendant C.R. Bard Indicates Support for MDL if Certain Conditions Are Met

On April 10, fifty-five of the nearly 100 plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits against medical device manufacturers C.R. Bard, Davol Inc., and BD Medical Technology filed a petition asking the court to centralize all cases into multidistrict litigation (MDL). In the filing, they specifically requested that the cases be heard before a U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri or Ohio's Southern District.

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Addressing Health Impacts in Climate Litigation Could Drive Better Climate Policy, Study Says

A recently published study from George Washington University looks at how the nation's courts address the issue of public health in lawsuits related to climate change and coal-fired power plants. Because the courts play a pivotal role in the creation and crafting of public policy, the researchers conclude that greater consideration of health impacts could have a positive effect on such policy in the future. Unfortunately, health concerns are not raised in most climate-related cases.

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