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Physicians are Rethinking the Hernia Mesh

As knowledge about the problems with the hernia mesh becomes more widespread, an increasing number of patients facing hernia surgery are doing their own due diligence and asking their surgeons about different solutions. The fact is that there are alternatives to the hernia mesh. Why aren't these alternatives more widely known?

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Holding Them Accountable: FINRA Takes Action Against Brokers For Misconduct, Fines Brokerage Firm for Lack of Oversight

Last week, two securities brokers found themselves out of jobs and exiled from their profession after they engaged in improper and unauthorized trading activities. A third broker has been issued a “disciplinary complaint” after making an unsuitable recommendation to his clients. Additionally, a New Jersey brokerage firm has been ordered to pay a fine in the amount of $325,000 for failure to supervise the activities of its sales people.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbyist Requests to be Removed From List of Defendants in Talcum Powder Trials

Defendants in current trials over the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer include Johnson & Johnson, manufacturer of the most popular baby powder, and Imerys Talc America, supplier of the talc used in the product. However, there has been a third named defendant: the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC). Based in Washington D.C., the PCPC is a trade association and lobbying group, representing over 600 companies that manufacture and distribute personal care products.

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