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Attorneys Fred Levin & Troy Rafferty Honored for Supporting Community

The Levin Papantonio Law Firm is proud to congratulate personal injury attorneys Fred Levin and Troy Rafferty for the honors they received from local leaders during the recent “Living the Dream” celebration.

Mr. Levin was presented the “H.K. Matthews Legacy Award,” by the civil rights leader himself, and Mr. Rafferty received the “Living the Dream Award,” during the event held January 14, at New World Landing, in Downtown Pensacola.

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Keep Up With Drug and Medical Device Health Safety Issues on Social Media

Levin Papantonio, one of the nation's premier law firms suing pharmaceutical companies for defective drugs and medical devices, has launched two more ways for the public to keep informed as soon as a drug or medical device has been found to cause unnecessary injuries or side effects.

With the launch of its Instagram and Pinterest pages, Levin Papantonio now is circulating health safety news on numerous social media platforms, including the following:

Facebook: Click to see our Facebook page.

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OB/GYNs Who Implant Essure Can Be Held Liable, Despite New FDA “Black Box” Warning

The name of Dr. Julio Novoa is not well known outside of the El Paso area – except by women who have been injured by the birth control device known as Essure, a product of Bayer's Conceptus division. Dr. Novoa is a leading advocate for these women, and he has a message for his colleagues and organizations: if you implant an Essure device into a patient and that patient is injured as a result, you bear liability.

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EPA Relents in the Face of Agricultural Lobbyist Pressure

Once again, a federal regulatory agency charged with the task of protecting consumers and the public has caved in to the demands of industry lobbyists. Just before the Environmental Protection Agency was scheduled to hold meetings of its Scientific Advisory Panel to discuss the carcinogenicity of glyphosate (the active ingredient in the controversial herbicide Roundup), CropLife America (CLA) raised objections over the presence of two scientists at the meeting.

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List of Puerto Rican Broker-dealers fined by Regulators Grows as Merrill Lynch Joins Santander, Popular, and UBS for Clients’ Concentration in Puerto Rican Securities

Just this week, regulators with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA, fined Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc. over $6 million, plus restitution, for inadequately supervising its customers’ use of leverage in their Merrill brokerage accounts. The firm will pay a $6.25 million fine and another $780,000 in restitution for not adequately supervising customers’ use of leverage in their Merrill brokerage accounts.

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Drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis Kept Doctors in the Dark About Taxotere Hair Loss – But They're Blaming the FDA

“Carla” (not her real name) is grateful to be a breast cancer survivor. She knew that the chemotherapy treatments would cause her hair to fall out – but she never thought that hair loss would be permanent.

Even though she has been cancer-free for six years, she says, “People look [at me] and they have a sympathy look...I look like I have cancer.” It wasn't until she saw a social media post that she understood why her hair never grew back after her course of treatment was over. That post named Taxotere, the drug her oncologist used to treat her condition.

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