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Testosterone: Another Consequence

“T-pushers” continue to hype their products to normal, healthy men who are encouraged to “T it up,” despite continuing news about the potential adverse consequences to a user’s health. These include increased risk of heart attack, stroke and even developing prostate cancer. It's still a big seller, however, even while the number of lawsuits against these manufacturers continues to grow.

A recent Swiss study now strongly suggests that the overuse of testosterone could have consequences for society as a whole.

Scientists have known for some time that men with higher levels of testosterone tend to exhibit more aggressive behavior. The study, which was published in The Leadership Quarterly, now indicates that testosterone may be a contributing factor when it comes to the corruption, greed and extreme sense of entitlement that is now endemic among the so-called “power elite” of the world.

The idea that power corrupts is, of course, nothing new. The question in this study, which was conducted at the University of Lausanne, was one of cause and effect; does power indeed corrupt, or is it simply that those who are innately corrupt tend to seek power?

There have been many psychological studies that have examined the connection between corruption, sociopathic behavior and power; however, this study was the first to examine the physiology behind these issues. In addition to links between high testosterone levels and lack of empathy and generosity, the experiments – based on what researchers describe as the “dictator game” - demonstrate that those with higher levels of testosterone are more selfish and more willing to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

These results are not definitive, but are compelling nonetheless.