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Stryker Hip Lawsuits – Over 1200 and Counting

The number of Stryker hip lawsuits pending totaling over 1,200. With more than 20,000 of these hip replacements sold and implanted in patients all over the world, this number is likely to keep rising.

The health problems caused by the products at the center of the growing number of Stryker hip cases are well-known and documented: metallosis (poisoning from microscopic heavy metal shavings becoming embedded in tissue), necrosis (resultant death of living tissues surrounding the implant) and breakdown of bone tissue (osteolysis) are all associated with the failure of these devices. In most cases, the damage is permanent.

Stryker hip plaintiffs have received devices that consist of a titanium hip mated to an artificial femoral head (which replaces the top of the patient's natural thigh bone) made from an allow of cobalt and chromium. Cobalt is naturally present in living cells, and in fact, this element is necessary for healthy cell function – in trace amounts (approximately 20 grams in a person weighing 120-150 pounds). More than that can cause serious health problems, however. Although biologists disagree as to whether chromium plays any role in cellular function, it is generally agreed that in extremely small amounts, it is harmless. However, chromium toxicity can result at levels as small as 1.5 milligrams per pound of body weight. Chromium can also cause allergic reactions as well as skin irritations.

One of the cases filed in Florida stated that the combination of these three potentially toxic metals was “not compatible with human tissue and bone” - an allegation that is increasingly being borne out by medical research. These devices, designed to last fifteen to twenty years, have been subject to failure in as little as twelve to twenty-four months, requiring painful revision surgery.

Patients with grounds for Stryker hip lawsuits should be aware that the company has been using the services of a firm called Broadspire, through which they are being offered payment for revision surgeries – in exchange for consenting to give up their right to sue. Those suffering from the effects of defective Stryker hip products are strongly urged not to sign anything until they have consulted with an experienced product litigation attorney.

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