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More On Broadspire

If you are involved in litigation related to the defective DePuy ASR hip implants – or have been a regular reader of these posts in recent weeks – you have probably noticed the name "Broadspire Services." This is a Florida-based "claims management" company and a subsidiary of global reinsurer Crawford Company, headquartered in Atlanta.


According to the corporate website, Broadspire is a "leading third-party administrator to employers and insurance companies, offers a broad array of customized claim and medical management services designed to increase employee productivity and contain costs." (Make of the last part of that what you will; over the past thirty years, Corporate America has been very good at increasing employee productivity while reducing wages and benefits – and pocketing the difference.) Johnson & Johnson has retained Broadspire Services to manage claims related to the hip implants.


What are the implications here for plaintiffs?


Ask Aubie Brennan.


Essentially, Broadspire has been hired to stand between Johnson & Johnson and the patients who have been injured by their defective product. Broadspire's services are there to benefit Johnson & Johnson, not you. Like the criminal "health insurers" that murder 45,000 Americans each and every year (and which continue to raise rates even as their profits are at all-time highs – locking even more Americans out of the system) Broadspire determines whether or not they think revision surgery is necessary, and who will perform the surgery. This is likely to be a doctor on their own payroll, or that of Johnson & Johnson – not your own (so much for all those "choices"). Broadspire will also determine which expenses are covered and which are not.


Do not trust these people. If you have had a hip implant (incidentally, DePuy's are not the only ones failing these days – lawsuits are being filed in Canada against another implant manufacturer, Zimmer, Inc.), do not attempt to contact the company on your own – because they do not give a tinker's damn whether you live or die. Chance are, they'll want to settle, referring you to the corporate skirt they're hiding behind. Contact an attorney, first – and sign nothing until your attorney has reviewed it.


Otherwise, you may wind up signing away everything – including your right to even file a claim.




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