Power Morcellator News - Cancer
Power Morcellator News
  • Power Morcellators are Killing Women: DOJ Finally Investigates

    The laproscopic power morcellator is just the latest in a long line of medical devices that have wound up doing far more harm than good – and that were given rapid and ill-advised approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That same federal agency finally issued a warning in late November of 2014 – but only after thousands of women died unnecessarily from what was supposed to be a minor procedure.

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  • While Rome Burns . . . FDA Fails to Respond to Morcellators and Uterine Cancer

    According to legend, the half-mad Emperor Nero played his fiddle while the Eternal City was being consumed by flames. This story has little basis in historical fact (first, Nero actually did take some action to contain the fires raging in the city, and secondly, the fiddle wasn't invented until some 10 centuries later), but it serves as an apt metaphor for modern America – particularly when it comes to medical products that are causing injury and death and a corrupt government so beholden to corporate interests that it fails to regulate in any meaningful way.

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  • Morcellators – Still Being Used Despite Risks

    The risks associated with power morcellation surgery have been firmly established, and lawsuits from plaintiffs who have seen sarcomas spreading as the result of a relatively simple procedure are being filed. Johnson & Johnson, already dealing with massive litigation over other products, has ceased all manufacture and sales of morcellators, issuing a voluntary recall of the devices from hospitals this past July.  Why then, are doctors still doing morcellation surgeries?

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