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  • Florida Politician Cheat Sheet

    We elect our Senators and Representatives to act as our eyes, ears, and voices when important decisions affect our well-being—whether it’s economic, social, physical, or emotional. Do not hesitate to let these elected officials know what you think, need, and want.

    We’ve put together a cheat-sheet of contact information for all the Florida Senators, Congressmen, and Congresswomen. It’s time to reach out and let them know how the “FPL Hustle” has affected you—and what you expect them to do about it.

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  • FPL Citizens’ Letters

    The letters from incensed, confused, and frustrated Florida residents continue to stream into the Levin Papantonio Rafferty office. We are posting them here as a living log of the voices of the people.

    Please feel free to add your voice.

    You should be heard.

    From: Bob H.

    Date: February 10, 2022, at 6:37:36 AM CST

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