DePuy Hip News - Product Recall
DePuy Hip News
  • DePuy Hip Endorser Penny Brown Feeling The Guilt

    Endorsements from celebrities and prominent athletes have always given a big boost to product sales. It's also very lucrative for the endorser, particularly when they are past their prime. Penny Brown, a 51-year-old  former gymnast from the U.K., was a paid spokesperson for DePuy's ASR hip plants several years after she received the device herself.


    Now, she's having a few regrets as she joins the ranks of those who are suffering the effects brought on by the deterioration of her implant.


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  • Hip Replacement: What Are The Alternatives?

    The fact that metal-on-metal hip implants such as those manufactured by DePuy and Zimmer are bad news. As these devices wear over time, microscopic bits of toxic metal make their way into the bloodstream, leading to a host of serious ailments.

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  • The Finger In The Dike

    You may recall the story of Hans Brinker, a boy who reportedly lived in the Netherlands a couple of centuries ago – who saved Amsterdam by plugging a leak in one of the dikes with his finger.

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  • More On Broadspire

    If you are involved in litigation related to the defective DePuy ASR hip implants – or have been a regular reader of these posts in recent weeks – you have probably noticed the name "Broadspire Services." This is a Florida-based "claims management" company and a subsidiary of global reinsurer Crawford Company, headquartered in Atlanta.


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  • Metal-On-Metal Is Bad News – But What Is The Alternative?

    It's not exactly news – as far back as 2009, the U.K.'s National Joint Registry reported that metal-on-metal hip replacements are more prone to failure than those made from other materials. It's also well known that DePuy Orthopedics has the highest failure rate of all – a whopping 33%.


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  • The Kings of Denial

    "Denial" is not a river flowing through Egypt – but the Kings of Denial, like the ancient pharaohs, seem to consider themselves gods, not subject to human standards of ethics and compassion. One could say they also operate above the law – but sadly, in many cases, their actions are completely legal, thanks to legislation bought and paid for over the past several years by corporate lobbyists.

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  • How Did This Happen?

    As the number of legal actions against DePuy Orthopedics over the failure of their ASR hip implants continue to increase, consumers understandably are wondering how this could have happened in the first place. Aren't such products supposed to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration before they are allowed on to the market? And isn't such approval supposed to be granted only after extensive testing?

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  • The Recalled DePuy ASR Hip - When Did DePuy and Johnson & Johnson know they were defective?


    By Levin Papantonio Attorney Daniel Nigh

    I’ve spoken with a few prospective clients who have felt bad for DePuy and Johnson & Johnson.  They thought that the corporations had good intentions with these recalled hips and just all of a sudden found out these hips were bad and immediately recalled them.  However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  These major corporations put profit over the safety of the patients.

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