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DePuy Hip News
  • Can Robotic Surgery Help Hip Implant Patients?

    One factor in hip or other joint replacement surgery that can make a serious difference when it comes to patient outcomes is the experience and expertise of the surgeon.  More specifically, correct positioning and alignment of the implant components can mean the difference between long-term success in restoring the patient's mobility - or a return visit within a few years for revision surgery.

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  • DePuy Hip Implants The Sordid Details

    Believe it or not, trace amounts of cobalt is necessary for one's health. This element is a key component in Vitamin B-12. So – why is it that when microscopic bits of cobalt metal from faulty implants get embedded in living tissue, the results include metallosis, synovitis and other health problems?


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  • The Sciatic Nerve and Your Hip Implant

    Hip implant surgery is supposed to relieve pain. In too many cases however, it has the opposite effect – and not simply because they wear out.

    The health complications associated with metal-on-metal hip implants is well known and thoroughly documented. What is less well known is the risk of damage to the sciatic nerve, which can leave a patient in excruciating and often untreatable pain.

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  • Hip Resurfacing: Is It Better?

    Those who have been worried about the health consequences of metal-on-metal total hip replacements may have an alternative in the form of hip resurfacing, a technique that has been available since 2006. However, evidence shows that while the technique has several advantages over total hip replacement, it results in the same problems.


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