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DePuy ASR Fails in more than a Quarter of Cases

According to the U.K medical registry, the ASR hip implant is removed or replaced 29% of the time after 6 years versus a 9.5% failure rate for metal-on-metal implants in general. The report also states that there seems to be a large increase in the risk of revision six years after implantation of a metal-on-metal device.  This 29%, the actual revision rate, does not account for patients whose doctor has recommended revision, but have not yet performed the surgery, doctors who may be dismissive of the recall, or those who have not fully diagnosed their patient’s condition, nor does it include patients who may be in need of revision surgery, but who have not gone to their doctor because they are either physically unable to do so, or because they cannot afford it.  Making allowances for all these alternative cases, it is easy to imagine that the true failure rate of DePuy’s ASR hip could easily be over 50% after 6 years of implantation.

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