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Another Plaintiff’s Verdict in Bisphosphonate Jaw Case

Verdict against Zometa for causing osteonecrosis of the jaw

Last week, a jury in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida found that the manufacturer of the intravenous bisphosphonate Zometa failed to adequately warn of the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw (“ONJ”) resulting from use of the drug.  The jury also concluded that Zometa caused J. Hunter Chiles, a Florida resident, to suffer ONJ.  Further, the jury determined that the drug manufacturer knowingly withheld information from the FDA about Zometa’s ability to cause ONJ.  In finding for the Plaintiff, the jury awarded $250,000 in compensatory damages.  The verdict is all the more satisfying given the case was hand-picked for trial by the drug manufacturer Novartis.

While intravenous bisphosphonates, such as Zometa, are more potent than the oral formulations, like Fosamax, the mechanism by which each causes ONJ is the same.  Therefore, this victory provides even more support for the virtually undisputed notion that bisphosphonates, both oral and IV, cause ONJ.

Our firm possesses a wealth of experience on Fosamax and ONJ.  Tim O’Brien, a partner at LP, is the National Lead Counsel for the Fosamax ONJ litigation.  Both he and Brandon Bogle have extensive knowledge and litigation experience concerning Fosamax and ONJ.  For more information on Fosamax and ONJ please visit us at

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