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Actos News
  • Despite Cancer Risk EMA Clings To Actos

    After the Type 2 diabetic drug Actos was linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer last summer, it was pulled off the shelves in France and Germany. (Of course, it remains available in the US, where the large pharmaceutical corporations have bought and paid for legislators and essentially control the FDA – but the agency has at least required a warning label.)


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  • Who Will Hear The Actos Cases?

    Since the first lawsuit involving the type-2 diabetic drug Actos was filed near the end of  July 2011, 53 additional plaintiffs across the country have come forward – and this may be just the beginning.

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  • Alternatives For The Type 2 Diabetic?

    Let me preface this with a disclaimer: I am not offering any medical advice here. The information presented here is strictly informational; should the reader be interested in utilizing some of the care options presented, s/he is strongly advised to discuss them with his/her primary care physician or other medical professional (preferably one who is not on the payroll of, or taking money from one of the big pharmaceutical corporations).


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  • First, It Was Avandia... Now, Actos

    In its mad rush to maximize profits, Big Pharma will go to great lengths to rush their products to market – then dupe low-information Americans into believing that these products are the only alternative they have for what ails them. They will say this even when low-risk, low-cost alternative treatments such as diet, exercise and lifestyle changes are effective (have you noticed how pharmaceutical ads in recent years often warn patients that "it may not be enough"?)

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  • Avandia Maker Not Off The Hook

    As lawsuits against Actos manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals continue to mount, Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK), manufacturer of Avandia, is finding that their problems have gotten even more complicated – and a number of lawsuits that the company had hoped to get dismissed aren't likely to simply "go away."

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  • A Glitazone Primer

    In order to understand Actos and Avandia are intended to treat Type II diabetes and how they have wound up causing seemingly unrelated health problems, it will be helpful to review some basic biology.

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  • Actos – The Next Asbestos?

    Although asbestos continues to be a source of illness – and the litigation that results from it – there is seemingly no end to product liability.

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