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$2.475 Billion Settlement Announced in DePuy ASR MDL 2197

DePuy’s parent company, Johnson & Johnson, has announced that it will enter into a $2.475 billion DePuy hip settlement agreement with plaintiffs in MDL 2197. The DePuy hip settlement covers patients who have undergone a revision surgery as of August 31, 2013. Individuals who have not undergone a revision as of August 31, 2013, still have legal rights available to them and should contact our firm to discuss them.

DePuy hip lawyers Ben Gordon and Daniel Nigh have been pursuing recovery for clients that suffered as a result of the device. The device was often responsible for patients having to undergo costly and painful surgical procedures to have the device removed. Additionally, patients were susceptible to metallosis and cobalt and chromium poisoning.

The Levin, Papantonio and MDL plaintiffs attorneys’ efforts have included reviewing millions of documents and taking depositions around the world while working toward this resolution.

Levin, Papantonio shareholder Ben Gordon, a member of this litigation’s Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee and the Settlement Oversight Committee, commented:

“This recent development in the litigation, which will resolve the claims of many patients in the near future, will provide them with fair compensation for the pain and other damages they have suffered because of their defective ASR hip implant.”