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Mike Papantonio Writes to Citizens Concerned About Florida Power & Light

LPR Attorney Mike Papantonio continues to receive hundreds of calls, emails, and postal letters from the people of Northwest Florida who remain anxious about FPL. He writes the following in response:

Dear Concerned Citizens of Northwest Florida,

I have received your message, and I want you to know I appreciate your concerns, and I understand why you’re reaching out to me.

You want to know what’s happening with Florida Power & Light (FPL). You want to know what we’re doing to help you.

I have some answers for you.

Right now, you should know an appeal is making its way through the Supreme Court of Florida (Floridians Against Increased Rates, Inc., v. Gary F. Clark, etc, et al SC21-1761; SC22-12). This appeal is the best and only instrument we have to test the conduct of the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) with regard to FPL. Floridians Against Increased Rates, Inc. is appealing a “stipulation and settlement agreement” that resulted in FPL’s increased rates. The appeal says to the PSC, “You’ve done wrong, and we want to appeal what you’ve done.” Specifically, the lawsuit argues that the Florida PSC was not authorized to approve the settlement’s provisions and that the PSC violated state law by approving the rate hike. Another law firm filed this appeal. Levin Papantonio Rafferty is not involved in this action.

So what are we doing at LPR? Well, we have no legal avenue to do anything. To file another appeal would only slow the process, and that would do you no good at all. But we do have something else—something that’s working.

We are putting immense pressure on every local politician between here and Tallahassee. I personally have been pouring my time and resources into rotating ad campaigns, petitions, and social media trying to generate enough interest so I can shame politicians into doing something. The politicians see, hear, and feel this pressure, and they are responding. They are now assuring us they are getting involved in righting FPL’s wrongs.

I want to talk about another tool, too. One that’s much sharper—much more incisive and effective—than any tool a law firm or lawsuit could wield. That’s you. The outcome of this battle against FPL and NextEra is only as good as you allow it to be. Have you called your Congressman? Have you written your Senator? Have you emailed the Governor? YOU MUST PARTICIPATE. YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF.

The people of Pensacola spoke loudly into Gov. DeSantis’ ear, and it drove him to veto FPL’s solar bill. It made people sit up and take notice. Now, all those people who had signed off on wanting to help FPL are not so eager to do so. We are making headway. We are making things happen, and you are a vital part of this mechanism.

Visit the LPR PSA page for contact information for all Florida politicians.

Sign our petition demanding an FPL audit.

You are part of this story. Own your role and be heard!


Mike Papantonio
Levin Papantonio Rafferty