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National Association of Legal Investigators Honors Carol Moore With National Director's Award

The National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) took a meaningful moment to honor its National Director and Levin Papantonio Rafferty (LPR) Certified Legal Investigator Carol Moore with the National Director’s Award. Moore was presented with the award on Thursday, June 23, 2022, at the NALI Annual Conference, where Moore was co-hosting and fulfilling Master of ceremony duties, as well as moderating the Women’s panel.

The plaque award is etched with words that summarize Moore’s vast contributions to NALI and to the legal investigator profession:

Recognition of your more than 35 years of dedicated service to the National Association of Legal Investigators. You have unselfishly served NALI as National Director, Assistant National Director, National Secretary, Region III Director, Committee Chair, and Annual Conference Host. Your professionalism and skill as a legal investigator are admirable. You exemplify the character traits of a NALI member.

“I’m humbled by it,” Moore said. “It is a reflection of my career and my life.” She adds that NALI has been “100-percent supportive” of her career as an investigator and has allowed her to excel in investigations across the United States. “I’m proud as a woman who has paved the way for other women to be investigators and in an organization such as NALI,” Moore added.

One of the Top Environmental Investigators in the Nation

The honored investigator joined NALI when she was a “newbie” in 1985. She diligently attended NALI conferences, and using this program, her career began to flourish. Moore was called to serve as NALI’s Region 3 Director, enabling her to host conferences, continue her own career, and educate other investigators. From there, Moore became National Secretary, followed by Assistant National Director, and finally National Director of the organization.

Moore commented that her years of continued education and service with NALI and the Levin Papantonio Rafferty Law Firm have been peppered with countless memorable moments. Of her contributions as an investigator, she said that the privilege of serving as Chief Environmental Investigator for a number of environmental cases is the most important to her.

“My environmental work included the C8 cases against Dupont--cases where 80,000 residents along the Ohio River Valley were impacted, leaving many residents with kidney cancer, testicular cancer, and birth defects,” Moore explained. “Through my investigation and trial support for the C8 trial team in Columbus, Ohio, I contributed to the successful settlement of the cases in excess of $380 million.”

Today, Moore is considered one of the top environmental investigators in the nation.

Working to Bring Justice to the Voiceless

Most recently, Moore traveled with LPR Attorneys Mike Papantonio and Troy Rafferty to Marianna, Florida, to investigate the Dozier School for Boys. From 1900 to 2011, boys sent to this reform school for the slightest misbehavior or infractions endured physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. The presence of more than 50 unmarked graves on the campus suggests that some boys were even murdered. Over the years, efforts to bring justice to Dozier survivors have been shut down before getting any traction. Authorities ignored and covered up the institution’s secrets for over half a century. Moore is working with Papantonio and Rafferty to bring justice to those who suffered here.

A documentary called “The Dozier Boys” is currently under production.

Behind Every Great Investigator…

Moore expressed her gratitude to her employer, the national law firm Levin Papantonio Rafferty, for its support of her development as an investigator and her evolving roles at NALI. “I greatly appreciate the leaders of Levin Papantonio Rafferty allowing me to be a member [of NALI], supporting my membership, and sponsoring this organization,” she said. “In turn, we have been able to hire investigators across the nation to assist us with a multitude of cases.”

In particular, Moore reflected on LPR Partner Mike Papantonio’s role in her development as an investigator. “Mike has been an inspiration to me and has encouraged me every year to better myself and to take the leadership roles in NALI,” Moore said. “Every time I ask him about going to one of these conferences or spending money to go out and teach a class for this or that, he always says, ‘Yes, please go.’

“His encouragement enabled me to accomplish what I’ve accomplished.”

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