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Levin Papantonio Practice Areas Overview

The law firm of Levin, Papantonio, Thomas, Mitchell, Rafferty & Proctor, P.A. is well-positioned to handle any large-scale litigation on behalf of people who need help. If you need anything from help with hurricane recovery to a mass torts case, Levin Papantonio is the firm to call. Depending on the practice area, the firm either operates on a national scale or serves the southeastern United States region. Contact the firm by calling (888) 435-7001 to know your rights and protect your interests.

Bad Drugs and Medical Devices

Our bad drug and defective medical device lawyers are currently handling cases involving dangerous drugs & defective medical products.

BP Oil Spill

Our firm has successfully tried environmental class action suits against Conoco and DuPont for damages of hundreds of millions of dollars. Our experience can help you in your damage claims against BP and others responsible for the devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Business Torts Department

Our Business Torts Department represents several state and municipality pension funds that manage over $30 billion dollars on behalf of their constituents. It has also successfully litigated against the largest financial institutions in the country.

Car Accidents

Car accident? Our car accident lawyers can help you recover damages!

Personal Injury

Since the 1960s, Levin Papantonio has been one of the premier Florida personal injury litigation law firms. The attorneys help people with personal injury claims involving ATV rollover accidents, car and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, head trauma, spinal and brain injury.

Mass Tort/Product Liability

The attorneys at Levin Papantonio have dealt with some of the largest mass tort cases in American history and are currently working on cases involving the pharmaceuticals Accutane, Actos, Bextra, Fosamax, Ketek, Ortho Evra, Paxil, Prisma, ReNu, SJS, Tequin, Tobacco, Trasylol and Vioxx. Additionally, the attorneys created and present the MASS TORTS MADE PERFECT seminars, training other trial lawyers nationwide in advanced litigation strategies.

Medical Malpractice

The firm's medical malpractice and wrongful death lawyers help people who have suffered from birth injuries, defective heart devices, failures to diagnose, human tissue recall, surgical mistakes and emergency room errors.

Nursing Home Abuse

We help people who have been victimized by understaffed, negligent and abusive caretakers. Results can include physical abuse, dehydration, bedsores, management neglect, medication errors, and other harmful conditions.

Workers' Compensation

At any given time, the attorneys and staff help over 200 people in Florida and the southeast get the workers' compensation they deserve.

Insurance Bad Faith

As part of Florida personal litigation and other areas, the firm often assists individuals who are struggling to get their insurance companies to live up to coverage expectations.

Securities Litigation

The firm has successfully represented over one thousand securities fraud victims in courts and arbitration forums across the United States. We represent both individual and institutional investors in cases against brokerage firms, publicly traded companies, registered investment advisors, and hedge funds.

Criminal Law

The experienced lawyers at Levin Papantonio can defend anyone in Florida or Alabama facing drug charges, homicide charges, domestic abuse, white collar crime charges and many other serious accusations.

Environmental Litigation

Levin Papantonio's Florida trial attorneys help people who have suffered from pollution and toxic contamination; the firm has the resources and experience to go up against any opponent.


If you are concerned about potential exposure to asbestos, or if you or a loved one suffer from asbestosis, mesothelioma, or another medical condition associated with asbestos exposure, you should take action to protect your legal rights by discussing your case with an experienced asbestos/mesothelioma attorney.


Levin Papantonio is in the forefront of the fight against Big Tobacco.

Maritime Law

Jones Act cases, unseaworthy vessel cases, cruise line cases, pleasure boat and other maritime injury and death cases..

Actos Bladder Cancer

If you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and was prescribed Actos, ActoPlus met, ActoPlus met XR or Duetac (Pioglitazone) to treat Type 2 Diabetes, please contact our law firm.

DePuy Hip Replacement

We help people who were deceived by DePuy and made to suffer through pain and monetary losses.

Antidepressants and Birth Defects

If you or someone you know has taken an antidepressant like Zoloft and experienced complications in pregnancy, please contact our law firm today.

Fosamax Litigation

Fosamax has been linked to debilitating femur fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw. Our firm is ready to represent those misled by Fosamax.

Yaz Birth Control

Our firm led by shareholder Tim O’Brien is actively in litigation against Bayer for Yaz’s linkage to heart attacks and strokes among other things.

Pradaxa Side Effects

Pradaxa has been linked to internal bleeding and serious side effects including death.

Nuvaring Lawsuit

Nuvaring has been linked to serious side effects.

Qui Tam Law

Whistle blowers report fraud now!

Stryker Hip Replacement

Metal on Metal hip implant recall. 

ATV Accidents

ATV accidents have accounted for thousands of deaths and millions of injuries. If you or anyone you know has been in an ATV accident, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Auto Accidents

The car accident lawyers at Levin Papantonio want to protect your legal rights. If you have been injured in a car or truck accident, please contact us today.

Defective Drugs

Our trial attorneys have had a long history of litigation against defective drugs including 4,000 cases against the Fen-Phen diet drug. If you have been affected by drugs like Fosamax, Topamax, and many others, please contact us today.

To discuss your legal problem, contact the firm online or via telephone at (888) 435-7001. To learn more about the law offices of Levin Papantonio, please visit the media center or view the firm's brochure or resume.