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An important area of the law in which the firm is playing a leading role is environmental litigation. These cases are brought by the firm on behalf of persons whose properties or other rights have been affected by toxic contamination or pollution. Often these cases involve complex scientific issues and thousands of exhibits. They can require enormous financial and staff resources and sometimes take the form of class actions brought in the interest of numerous similarly-situated persons at one time. The firm applies its resources to significant environmental cases that promote a clean and safe environment.

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Levin, Papantonio has attorneys with experience in environmental litigation, including the former general counsel of the Florida Department of Natural Resources, and the founders of a non-profit natural resource protection organization.

Levin Papantonio's environmental trial team were chosen as finalists for the esteemed 2008 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award presented by the Public Justice Foundation for their work on the DuPont Spelter class action.

Levin Papantonio Environmental Experience

DuPont Spelter Smelter - Spelter, West Virginia

Conoco/Agrico Superfund Site - Pensacola, Florida

  • Favorable settlement reached for class of property owners and residents in Pensacola, Florida seeking damages and medical monitoring relating to claims of groundwater contamination attributed to a former fertilizer facility. (Samples, et al. v. Conoco, et al. (No. 2001-CA-000631)

Over the years, our firm has had the opportunity to assist in environmental litigation cases nationwide. Throughout Florida, our practice also encompasses Pensacola, Santa Rosa County, Panama City, Escambia County, Calhoun County, Gulf County, Okaloosa County, Walton County, Holmes County, Washington County, Bay County, Jackson County, and Tallahassee, and our work extends to Mobile, Alabama and other communities in the southeastern United States. Click here for a free case evaluation.

Environmental News & Articles

  • Remote Florida Site Eyed for New Green Town for the Environmentally Aware

    Environmental News Network - May 21, 2007

    THE FUTURE SITE OF SKY, Florida -- Homes here could be heated or cooled using the Earth's natural underground temperature. Appliances would be run by solar-powered batteries. Houses would be oriented to avoid the summer sun. Read more...

  • County officials prepare for first class action lawsuit

    cpubco.com - May 11, 2007

    The case that Circuit Clerk Donnie Kopp has found himself leafing through lately takes up more than seven boxes containing, he estimates, thousands of pages. The Lenora Perrine et al vs. DuPont case is so long that 1,500 jurors are being called in. An estimated 2,300 plaintiffs are involved in the case. ...

  • Teflon is Forever - By Leslie Savan

    For decades, DuPont has sold the answer to crud, gunk, and grime. What the company didn't advertise was that its nonstick wonders sticks - to us.


For more of our firm’s past environmental lawsuits, please visit our Verdicts and Settlements page.

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