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When your doctor prescribes a drug to help you manage or overcome a health problem, you trust that it will be safe and effective. However, prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies, and herbal health supplements can have dangerous, sometimes life-threatening, side effects, including kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, and even wrongful death.

Defective Drugs in the News:

Actos: Linked to bladder cancer.

Accutane: Acne treatment; side effects include: birth defects, depression, suicide and more.

Avandia: Linked to congestive heart failure and myocardial ischemia

Bextra: Treatment for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and dysmenorrhea. Linked to high incidences of heart attacks, strokes and potentially fatal skin conditions.

DePuy Hip Implant: Metal debris causes inflammation, and can lead to damaged muscles and soft tissue.

Digitek: Tablets may contain twice the approved level of active ingredient.

Fosamax: Bisphosphonate medication used for bone loss; linked to jaw bone death.

Gadolinium: MRI/MRA Contrast Agent and Association with Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) and Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy (NFD).

GranuFlo: Linked to dialysis deaths

Ketek: Or telithromycin;& antibiotic treatment for respiratory infections. Linked to cases of liver toxicity.

Kugel Mesh Patch Recall: Used for ventral or incisional hernias; device ("memory recoil ring") is prone to breakage.

LipitorCholesterol drug (statin); linked to Type-2 diabetes.

Nuvaring: Linked to Venous Thrombosis

Ortho Evra: Birth control patch - exposes 60 percent more estrogen. Greater risk for blood clots and strokes.

Paxil: (SSRIs) - prescribed anxiety disorder, OCD, depression and more. Linked to extreme acts of violent behavior.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Recall: Peter Pan peanut butter and Great Value peanut butter linked to Salmonella poisoning.

Pradaxa: Serious side effects including internal bleeding have been linked to Pradaxa.

Prisma Dialysis Recall: Kidney dialysis system, alerts caregiver of fluid imbalance. Linked to serious injury or death if not monitored properly.

Reglan: Can cause Tardive Dyskinesia.

ReNu Recall: ReNu with MoistureLoc potentially linked to blinding eye infection, Fusarium keratitis.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome: Often caused by an allergic reaction to a drug or medication. SJS side effects: painful blistering skin rash, peeling skin, and blistering sores.

Stryker Hip Replacement:

Tequin: Or gatifloxacin. Antibiotic associated with hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

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Topamax: Drugs linked to child birth defects

Transvaginal Mesh Treatment for pelvic organ prolapse and prone to complications.

Trasylol: Drug, prevents bleeding during heart surgery. Risk of kidney failure, increase of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.

Tylenol: Acetaminophen found in over-the-counter name-brand Tylenol is associated with causing acute liver failure.

Vioxx: Rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Side effects include heart attack, stroke, even death.

Yaz: Drugs linked to heart attacks, strokes, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism.

Zelnorm: IBS drug linked to cardiovascular events of stroke and heart attack.

Zimmer Durom: IBS drug linked to cardiovascular events of stroke and heart attack.

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