Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Funding – Is It For You?

So far, American Medical Systems (Endo) has gone forward in settling lawsuits while the 3 of the 4 remaining “big 4” manufacturers continue to fight. According to media sources and members of the legal community, litigation over these meshes could become as widespread as that over asbestos.

One complication to the resolution of these suits is that many of these meshes have NOT been restricted and/or received heightened scrutiny by the FDA and many remain on the market and are still being surgically implanted to this date. Many new lawsuits pop up on a daily basis.

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Stryker Reaches $1.4 Billion Settlement Over Faulty Hip Products

On November 3, 2014, Stryker Corporation reached a global settlement in the Stryker Recall Litigation with the lead plaintiffs' attorneys representing thousands of individuals required to get additional hip replacements or corrections because a faulty medical devices produced by Stryker. The settlement, announced yesterday in U.S. District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota, could result in more than $1.4 billion in payouts.

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The People's Law School

Levin Papantonio is proud to have once again sponsored and hosted the People’s Law School, an adult education course offered in conjunction with Pensacola State College and designed to provide the Pensacola community knowledge in legal matters that impact their daily lives.

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Morcellators – Still Being Used Despite Risks

The risks associated with power morcellation surgery have been firmly established, and lawsuits from plaintiffs who have seen sarcomas spreading as the result of a relatively simple procedure are being filed. Johnson & Johnson, already dealing with massive litigation over other products, has ceased all manufacture and sales of morcellators, issuing a voluntary recall of the devices from hospitals this past July.  Why then, are doctors still doing morcellation surgeries?

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Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Being Settled

This fall, a major medical device manufacturer is laying out millions of dollars to settle their vaginal mesh lawsuits. Endo, which manufactures and markets these products through its subsidiary, American Medical Systems (AMS), will be forking over another $400 million payment to resolve a large group of vaginal mesh cases. After this payment (and prior settlements occurring earlier this year), Endo is set to resolve almost all of the vaginal mesh lawsuits currently pending against the company in the U.S.

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Stryker Hip Lawsuits: Rhonda Stryker Does It Again

It was less than a year ago – just before Thanksgiving Day of 2013 – that company director Rhonda Stryker, granddaughter of the company's founder, sold 14,000 shares of her company stock. This happened just as a number of Stryker hip lawsuits were moving forward – and shortly after her company was required to pay over $13 million in order to settle charges by the federal government over allegations of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It was predicted at that time that Stryker hip lawsuits would cost her firm up to $1 billion.


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Testosterone: Another Consequence

“T-pushers” continue to hype their products to normal, healthy men who are encouraged to “T it up,” despite continuing news about the potential adverse consequences to a user’s health. These include increased risk of heart attack, stroke and even developing prostate cancer. It's still a big seller, however, even while the number of lawsuits against these manufacturers continues to grow.

A recent Swiss study now strongly suggests that the overuse of testosterone could have consequences for society as a whole.

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FDA Finally Poses The Hard Questions on Testosterone

It's no secret that Americans – held captive by a corporate, for-profit health care “system” (the ACA notwithstanding) – are the most over-medicated people on the planet. In its insatiable quest to maximize profits at any cost, Big Pharma will “identify” or even create so-called “conditions” and “health problems,” then use fear to sell patients their solutions – which, more often than not, cause side effects ranging from mildly irritating to deadly.

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