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Since its founding in 1955, Levin, Papantonio has earned a reputation as one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the country, with our thirty-three attorneys handling local cases ranging from auto accidents and medical malpractice to national litigation involving prescription drugs, medical devices, business litigation, securities fraud, and class action lawsuits against multi-billion dollar corporations -- winning more than three billion dollars in total jury verdicts and settlements.

In recognition of our achievements, our personal injury attorneys have been featured in numerous national news programs and magazines such as CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, George magazine, Forbes magazine, US magazine, American Lawyer and The National Law Journal. Similarly, one or more of our attorneys are listed in Best Lawyers in America, SuperLawyers and the National Trial Lawyers Association Hall of Fame.

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We are proud of the above, but we are more proud that we have never forgotten that the most important issue is you our client, and our sole mission is to provide you the one-to-one relationship focused on your individual circumstances. We know how life changing a personal injury can be from a physical, mental, financial, family and social aspect. It's difficult to understand until it happens to you. We hope we can at least provide you the personal care, assistance and answers to help you overcome this difficult time.

While we cannot promise everyone we can accept their case, we can assure you that we will always provide you an absolutely Free & Confidential Consult as to whether we can help, and if we cannot help you, do our best to get you to someone who can. If we do accept your personal injury case, and fortunate enough for you to hire us, we guarantee you will Never Pay Us Any Fees or Costs Unless You First Recover! For a detailed discussion on our fees and costs, which range from 20% - 40% depending upon the amount you recover, click Fees & Costs.

When hiring a law firm, it's important to take your time and conduct research. Review each law firm's web site for their credentials, expertise, commitment, resources, success rate and fees. Meet with the firms. Ask a lot of questions, and determine who you feel most comfortable trusting. Remember, any law firm can advertise it can successfully handle a personal injury case. Make sure that really is the case.

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Levin Papantonio Experience

For 60 years we have focused our efforts on successfully helping individuals injured by the neglect of others, whether in a single auto accident case to a medical malpractice lawsuit to representing hundreds of clients in nationwide class action litigation against the world's largest companies.


Levin Papantonio Reputation

Named "One of America's Most Winning Law Firms" by the National Law Journal, and listed in Best Lawyers in America; Super Lawyers, and Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame, our personal injury attorneys are known for our tireless pursuit on behalf of our clients.

Fees & Resources

Levin Papantonio Fees & Resources

We provide absolutely free confidential consultations, and never charge any fees or costs unless you first recover. Our 33 personal injury lawyers, 6 investigators and 2 medical staff work together as one team for you.


Levin Papantonio Service

We provide our clients the individual attention, dignity, respect and concern they deserve. Keep them informed. And speak honestly and straightforward about the time it will take to resolve their case and the chance of success.

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